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My clients and I explore a wide variety of areas in the landscape of performance improvement. However, the main thrust is always to improve your quality of life rather than simply improve your speed and efficiency. Besides, what good is improved performance if you can’t enjoy the results and bounty of your hard work?

  Listed below is a sample of areas, with brief descriptions, that I most often work on with my coaching clients.

Transitional Clarity

Often we have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees, especially if the forest is being cut down around you! Your coach helps you gain clarity through supplying perspectives that you might not have thought of; or sometimes simply telling you the truth that you need to hear.

Life Engagement and Balance

Above all things I have found that achieving a state of “active balance” is crucial to optimizing life. And though not all clients need a purpose to live by, most humans seek maximum engagement with their interests in order to be fulfilled.


There is more to life than just management, this is a component of life that requires courage, empathy, strategy, compassion, growth and patience. What more could you want?!

Organizational Development and Systematization

Get the internal right and the external will fall in line…except when it doesn’t. We discuss solutions and strategies for taking your organization to levels above efficiencies and into the realm of innovative effectiveness.

Network Building

Are you positively influencing your network and those who need your energy and spirit? You must give to get.

Learning Optimization

Harness the power of your learning type, personality preference and modern learning tools in order to maximize your potential to produce, create and most importantly, thrive.

Two Coaching Packages Available:

Each Package Includes:

  • Personality temperament and leadership assessment integration
  • Performance Resource Tools (spreadsheets, frameworks, reading lists, etc.)
  • Weekly email communication

Courageous Action Leading
To Fulfilling Results

All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone for 50 minute periods involving my Universal Innovation program focus along with advanced coaching tools and techniques. The platform is designed to take leaders in both professional, personal and community arenas from their current daily state of cyclical existing to a state of multi-level life mastery and full creative flow.

Additionally, areas such as resource and time balance, relationship and network cultivation, physical and financial development as well as learning acceleration are also worked on in our time together. All the while we embrace breaking through the self-imposed limitations and fears that are keeping you from living the full and balanced life you wish to live.

A successful coaching relationship requires a high degree of accountability from both the client and the coach. It truly is a situation where “what you put in, is what you get out”. Therefore, I make it a routine to work only with those who truly want to ask the deep questions and commit to courageous action in order to create incredible, fulfilling results.

 If this is a description of both you and your needs – then we need to talk!